Sunday, September 25, 2011

Exhibit A

One of the presuppositions that Michael puts forward is that you are here on this earth, with your suffering, because you chose it, you want the suffering.  Wow.  That sounds kind of sadistic.    I can see a pimp in the rough streets of any city, any town, any country, beating a prostitute black and blue, while citing Micheal Newton.  That you signed up for this and that you wanted it.  The man is a genius.  Micheal Newton AKA Damien of the Omen couldn't do a better job.   Through hypnosis Micheal pimps the setting of an afterlife where you take a look at your own deeds of your prior life and with the help of council condemn yourself into a new life of suffering because you want to, you desire to.  Wow.  That is brilliant Micheal.  AKA Damien.

The idea that prior agreements convict you to a binding agreement without regard to the ( freedom of choice ) to exercise a change to your mind (e.g. divorce a spouse, move your room from party floor) is ludicrous.  To be forced into swallow for 80 long year duration of your life, something you picked out on the menu thinking you thought you have a taste for - but actually find out as soon as it arrives that you cannot stand  - is an absolute act of enslavement.  To be forced by the management to eat what you ordered against your will is a projected act of horror that needs be recognized as such.  That's nice.  How lovely.  If what Michael Newton AKA Damien of the Omen proposes is true, that with the aid of counsel you convict yourself to a lifetime, without the right to change your mind, the this is the devils council under false pretenses of light.   Let us call this afterlife, a night club where you are liquored up and coerced by pimps into believing something you later profoundly disagree with.  Hence you are convicted, coerced into a lifetime of purgatory and suffering because quote unquote you asked for it.    And should you change your mind, there is a pimp, a Michael Newton there to show you the legal deeds where you signed your name in the night club to a renewed life sentence.   How nice of you Damien.   You actually have someone like Michael Newton and his half assed international team pimping this gospel.  Brilliant.  Dark and brilliant.

If such a council in the afterlife in fact existed, and should you, in the afterlife, find yourself, in this compromising position, this night club of an afterlife, significantly buzzed and coerced into signing your name into a new life, then these are fertile grounds of purgatory pimped as paradise, for who in their right frame of mind, convicts themselves to a decision a choice without the freedom of choice to divorce yourself from a menu item, from a situation that in fact you do not have a taste for. 

Damien Damien Damien.  You do come in many forms do you not?   And herein you are known as Michael Newton et al.

If such a council in fact actually exists, then it is clear that should you find yourself in such a afterlife buzzed night club setting with pimps eager to sign you up, then you must do what a 'just Jedi' would - destroy the conniving dark menace from creating more slaves into the machine.

The council and their den of existence must be destroyed.

These afterlife councils are slave herders who put you on ships, chained, to serve out your sentence.  The coerced sentence you agreed to, in your buzzed state.  This council, even the grounds, must be destroyed with extreme prejudice - the pre judgement being - any body, any place, any council which convicts you to a lifetime without ability to change your mind and be released is a council of demonic presence in white clothing, sentencing you to purgatory and for you to swallow items on the menu you have no idea what tastes like. The council, their presence, their place of residence, whatever energy level it may reside in must be destroyed with extreme profound prejudice.   So long as they remain, there is no freedom.  Only conviction.

The Micheal Newtons Spiritual Regression house of idiots

The Micheal Newtons Spiritual Regression house of idiots

 Micheal Newton can be found here:
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 and here live on Youtube in his own words:

Go on, dont be shy, give it a listen.  
Here is the Low Down:
1.  Micheal Newton is a hypnotherapist
2.  His patients in hypnotherapy sessions begin to describe vivid details of scenes from other peoples lives, such as a soldier dying in time of war and describing his patch on his arm and other vivid details.
 A.  Micheal calls this "PROOF"
B.  Some would call it access to a universal hard disk - a central recorder - and he happened for some reason to go to that one in particular.  Kind of like  your mind goes to a song that you cant get rid of in your head that keeps playing over and over throughout the day.  The thinking here behind the "Akashaic Records" is that everything you ever do is recorded.  Kind of like a Facebook recording of everything you ever do, or say or post.  Its just recorded.   Micheal calls all of this - details of other people lives - accessed - as proof that it is yours.  I say just because you saw Kennedy get shot in the back seat and have vivid memories of it, it doesn't make those memories. yours. 
3.  Micheal conducts 7000 of these regressions and starts writing an entire book of 'the other side' and how things are on 'the other side'.  
A.  All of these are based on what his patients tell him during regression.  Micheal calls these as the truth.
B.   I call these Fiction.  The equivalent of talking about Hercules, Zeus or Harry Potter.   None of it is real.
 Micheal is keen to make AN ASS of himself by thinking anything that people say must be real, when in real life, my 2 year old can tell you, anything anyone says is far from the truth.  My 2 year old boy has more sense than Micheal.
 The problem with Micheal and his "Spiritual Regression" army is this:  They are on a pathway to deception pimped as the truth.  Since when does anything that comes out of a persons mind count as the truth?   See 911?  Have an emotional response to it?  Then you must have actually been there, right?  No?  You just watched in on TV and it was a dramatic thing for you?   Then someone like Micheal in regression asked you what you see and you said you see two towers falling and airplanes hitting them, and he assumed that you were actually there???  Is that it?  Or you saw Kennedy get shot, so you must have actually been there, right?   Michael et al need to discontinue their site and their host of services, that charge people steep fees, for peddling them fiction.
 HERE is an example.
Know why your here?  On earth?  Its because you chose to be.
Know why you are having the horrific disease that you are?  Because you chose it.  You wanted to experience it.
 Know why you are being tortured in this life?  Because you chose it.
 That is Michaels line of logic here.  That when you expire after this life, you go up to the clouds somewhere in never never land and you meet with a council and they help you review your life and you get to come back down to earth and relive some pain or some tragedy because it helps you.  No pain, no gain, right?  What an ASS you are Michael.
You are an ABSOLUTE ASS.  
You should walk to your nearest hospital and take that message to the people therein. 
Heck you should go to the United Nations and prevent them from carrying out their humanitarian aid because the people suffering wanted it.    Michael Newton, your one of the biggest asses this world has ever known.
You are an indispensable ally to cultivating and crafting deception, at a cost to the consumer.  The FBI needs to shut you down.  Why?  Because your pimping Zeus, Harry Potter as fact when its fiction, and investing a heck of a lot of peoples time, money and effort.  So as to deceive them.  No Micheal, all those who say they are watching a presidential motorcade and the president is shot are actually in Texas on that fateful day.   Those are not their experiences.  They are accessed by the mind on regression.  None of what is said should be believed as the real thing, no more than what you take from any mans lips is the real thing.

Wheres the Choice in a Choice when you cannot make the Choice to change that Choice?

Michael Newton offers answers via questionable methods, painting himself and his crew as inadvertent con men.